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A wide variety of planned events are held at Tan y Garth Hall.

Residential Weekends, Single Day and 2 Hour Events:

These events are comprised of intensive work at all levels across a wide range of themes. One or more of the Society’s most experienced members and associates, all of whom are expert within the given subject hosts the courses. Questions and answers are encouraged and adequate time is provided for this purpose.

Please note most bedrooms are shared. All only contain single beds.

Working Events:

Comprised of single days or weekends where volunteers undertake essential maintenance of the Hall and grounds. There is no charge for working events.

If you would like to volunteer with us either at a working event or in any other way please download & complete our skills questionaire and return it to

Please note most bedrooms are shared. All only contain single beds.

Monday Evening Meeting

Now starts at 7.30 not 8.00

A group meets fortnightly on a Monday evening at Tan y Garth Hall, starting at 7.30 pm. They look mainly at the teachings of Eugene Halliday but also work with meditation, art, drama and movement. The group has been running for over 20 years under the guidance of Dave Phillipps. All are welcome but please check with the Hall before coming to see when the next meeting is being held.

A Newsletter is published 3 times a year for members of the Society.

Current Programme of Events 2017

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Event Date Run By Title
SATURDAY EVENT Saturday 22nd July Leeon Wong Balance info
SATURDAY EVENTSaturday 19th August Sheila Taylor An Introduction to Wild Goose Qigong info
RESIDENTIAL WEEKEND Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September Working Weekend Working Weekend/Skills Sharing (shared catering).
No charge for this weekend
RESIDENTIAL EVENTFriday 15th - Sunday 17th September Derek MurrayMythology in Film - the hero’s journey, includes Film screening info
SATURDAY EVENTSaturday 23rd SeptemberDr Alan Roberts Sacred Drama info
SATURDAY EVENTSaturday 14th October Dr Alan Roberts The Tibetan Book of the Dead info
RESIDENTIAL WEEKEND Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th NovemberAndrew Berwitz An Introduction to Homeopathy and Bach Flower remedies info
RESIDENTIAL WEEKEND Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd December Carol Richards The Practice of the Presence of God info
SATURDAY EVENT Saturday 3rd February 2018 Siobhan Miller The Art and Science of Adapting Yoga Practice to Enhance Mobility and Sporting Performance. A Physiotherapist’s Perspective. info
SATURDAY EVENTSaturday 24th March 2018Val McLeod Bliss Through Yoga info

Saturday 22nd July



Leong Wong

Using the Collective Works of Eugene Halliday, 'The Blue Books', to look into the balance of affect and cognition, feeling and intellect and of energy-charge and form. During the day we will look through the Blue Books at some of the concepts and ideas they contain on Balance and related subjects.

Exploring how these can be used to help us to see the push and pulls of life and how our responses to these can be freed from ingrained mechanical action/reaction to a more free and immediate way of life. With the aim to intuit the still point of non-judgemental pre-polarised energy around which life turns.

Leeon is a long standing member of the IHS a period which has also included time as a council member. He was introduced to Eugene Halliday's work through tapes and books some 27 years ago. Since the introduction Leeon has been trying to understand and apply the teachings of Eugene Halliday into his everyday life. For 20 years Leeon was a student of the IHS former Hon. President Don Lord. Don was a profound thinker and deeply versed in Eugene's work having been a close friend and student of Eugene's since 1942.

Saturday 19th August


An Introduction to Wild Goose Qigong

Sheila Taylor

Sheila Taylor Image

''Wild Goose Qigong 1st 64 (Dayan Qigong) is well known for its lovely, graceful, flowing movements which are suggestive of an innocent and carefree wild goose.

It has been practiced for nearly 2000 years, the movements are designed to nourish our qi, and balance its flow round the body. The movements are outwardly gentle and graceful and inwardly powerful. You can find more information on

They can be adapted for various levels of physical ability, and can even be performed sitting on a chair. All you need is to wear loose, comfortable clothing, and flat shoes, or socks, or bare feet.

Come and discover how Qigong can improve your health and well-being – join us to learn these beautiful, relaxing, health giving exercises.''

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September


Working Weekend/Skills Sharing (shared catering)

A weekend involving practical work like grounds maintenance and work inside the hall.

This is a shared catering weekend where basic food will be provided.

Participants will need to bring their own sheets and towels.

Due to its practical nature and the help given there is no charge for this weekend.

Friday 15th - Sunday 17th September


Mythology and the Hero’s Journey in Film

Derek Murray.

This talk was originally given earlier this year and was very well received. It is being repeated by request and expanded into a weekend event.

Since before recorded history began we have been telling ourselves stories as a means of preserving culture and passing on wisdom from generation to generation. Some of the most profound stories come down to us in the form of myths embedded into popular culture. With reference to the work of Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler and including an analysis of “The Matrix”, this event will explore the Hero’s Journey mono-myth in contemporary popular cinema. This will be an expanded

Derek Murray is a professional filmmaker with experience of both the UK and Hollywood film industries who currently works as a senior lecturer in film and television production at Edge Hill University Ormskirk.

Saturday 23rd September


Sacred Drama

Dr Alan Roberts

Alan Roberts Image

We will be working firstly in experiencing the complex relations and alignments within the family web and the influences acting across generations, between siblings and in differing contexts and roles. Often these meaningful patterns and actions are held or fixed between individual positions and places; perhaps once they were intensely necessary but now they can be dysfunctional and impede any new movement and progress in life. Our work, with the help of others, is to become aware of these alignments and to release or re-align them.

Awareness of family networks and resonances may be already moving in you, and presenting relational issues for you to see more clearly and to work with. We will not all be able to do our exercise in this one day, but we will be involved in others that will meaningfully connect with our own networks. Some sessions only seem to take minutes, some hours, as those of you know who have worked in this way before, but always they are meaningful to all observing and involved.

Please dress in layers [the hall should be warm] that allow for movement [loose pants, sweaters and thickish socks are usual].

Alan was born in Liverpool in 1950 and attended with steadily increasing age and mounting sagacity, Madeley College, and the Universities of Keele and ultimately Liverpool. The subjects that he talks on are ones that he finds particularly valuable or fascinating – and often both – ranging through subjects or authors as the Perennial Philosophy, Shakespeare, or Patanjali, to the Tibetan Book of the Dead and Finnegans Wake. Each of these are chosen for various reasons that he attempts to explain within the talks themselves most of which are freely available at The mainspring of the all talks here are the ideas he gained from his friendship with Eugene Halliday.

Saturday 14th October


The Tibetan Book of the Dead

Dr Alan Roberts

A day based on the concepts presented in The Tibetan Book of the Dead

Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th November


An Introduction to Homeopathy and Bach Flower remedies

Andrew Berwitz

Andrew is a practicing Homeopath and is a long standing member of the IHS.

Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd December


The Practice of the Presence of God

Carol Richards

Carol Richards image

A weekend retreat studying and reflecting on the practical application of the writings of Brother Lawrence in the light of the works of Eugene Halliday.

After studying with the Shivananda school of Yoga in India Carol gained a teaching certificate with the International Yoga Fellowship. Whilst teaching on the Wirral she then formed a link with the IHS and its founder Khen Ratcliffe in the late 1970’s.

A long standing member of the IHS, Carol has taught The Art of Yoga, Stress Management and related subjects over the years.


Saturday 3rd February 2018


The Art and Science of Adapting Yoga Practice to Enhance Mobility and Sporting Performance. A Physiotherapist’s Perspective.

Siobhan Miller

Siobhan Miller

This one day workshop focusses on applying precision in the fundamental practice of yoga movement, based on individual needs to enhance mobility and sporting performance.

The workshop is intended to accommodate participants with a wide variety of needs and abilities in performing yoga – indeed a mix of individuals with differing physical natures will help us explore how we can adapt various postures to accommodate such differences.

The underlying theme is that achieving excellence in the performance of fundamental yoga postures is more demanding and valuable than sub-standard performance of more advanced technical postures.

Siobhan is a qualified physiotherapist and sees Yoga as integral in her treatment for a range of injuries and their prevention. This is based on personal experience following a skiing accident in which she needed to make some big changes to the way in which she took care of her body to prevent future injuries. Siobhan has a passion for the outdoors, is a qualified mountaineering instructor and has a particular interest in adapting yoga practice to individual’s specific needs for enhanced mobility and accommodation of sporting interests.

For more information visit

Saturday 24th March 2018


Bliss Through Yoga

Val McLeod

More details to come

For information contact Val on 07814008590;

Val McLeod is an experienced Iyengar Yoga tutor (precision, safety, and sequencing).

A contributor with, Les Bolland, (USA) in workshops combining Yoga, Swingolf, Macrobiotic cooking and Shiatsu massage, Val has a warm personality, ensuring every participant is welcomed and supported!