Tan y Garth Hall

Study and Meditation Centre

Tan y garth Hall, Study and Meditation Centre, Home to the IHS (International Hermeneutic Society) Cerriog Valley, Nr llangollen  North Wales.

Tan y Garth Hall is a centre set up principally for the study of Eugene Halliday's work for the following

  • - Relaxation

  • - Concentration

  • - Meditation

  • - Contemplation

  • - Integration

  • - Co-ordination

By educating people to integrate and co-ordinate their ability to THINK clearly, FEEL sensitively, and WILL effectively health and relationships are improved and efficiency increased

Under the guidance of its tutors, Tan y Garth Hall offers the opportunity for students and teachers from all denominations and walks of life to come together and study the hermeneutic techniques and principles of Yoga both East and West.